Revamped Big Brother
Season 9
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Name Entry Exit
Alex Day 1  Day 93   
Jax Day 1  Day 93   
Savannah Day 30  Day 93   
Billy Day 1  Day 93   
Jerry Day 1  Day 93   
Vicky Day 1  Day 90   
Connor Day 1  Day 90   
Shonelle Day 1  Day 86   
Lucy Day 58  Day 79   
Jenna Day 5  Day 72   
Ray Day 4  Day 65   
Jace Day 5  Day 58   
Jillian Day 30  Day 56   
Dan Day 16  Day 51   
Vivian Day 30  Day 44   
LeAnn Day 1  Day 37   
Olivia Day 4  Day 30   
Nicole Day 1  Day 23   
Adam Day 1  Day 23   
Darren Day 1  Day 15   
Krista Day 1  Day 9   
Revamped Big Brother 9 is the ninth season of the newly modified Big Brother series, Revamped Big Brother.  It was presented by Alyssa Milano.  The launch of this season featured 12 new housemates who entered the house.  On Day 4, two new housemates entered the house.  On Day 5, another two housemates entered the house. On Day 16, after housemate Darren Nelson was ejected from the house, a replacement housemate entered the house.  On Day 30, three more housemaes entered the house.  And finally, on Day 58, one final housemate entered the house, bringing the total for the season to 21.

The season lasted for 93 days, with housemate Alex Rylan winning the title of Big Brother and $500,000, beating out Jax Kane.


Name Age Occupation Hometown
Adam Crawford 26 Unemployed Los Angeles, California
Alex Rylan 24 Restaurant Hostess Baltimore, Maryland
Billy Andrews 25 Bar Owner Madison, Wisconsin
Connor Appleton 29 Gym Trainer Memphis, Tennessee
Dan Lucas 50 Air Traffic Controller Washington, DC
Darren Nelson 37 Car Salesman Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jace Ferguson 26 Fireman Little Rock, Arkansas
Jax Kane 27 Model Las Vegas, Nevada
Jenna Willis 25 Artist Maui, Hawaii
Jerry Thomas 75 Retired NAVY Seal Miami, Florida
Jillian Mitchell 22 Fashion Stylist Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Krista Vincent 23 Receptionist Tuscon, Arizona
LeAnn Jeffrey 28 Sales Manager Cincinatti, Ohio
Lucy Octavian 21 College Student Reno, Nevada
Nicole Brooks 22 Cocktail Waitress San Francisco, California
Olivia Blackwell 22 Flight Attendant Wilmington, Delaware
Ray Salazar 30 Police Officer Queens, New York
Savannah Kelly 27 Swimsuit Model Sydney, Australia
Shonelle Howard 32 Fashion Consultant Chicago, Illnois
Vicky Thorne 46 Insurances Sales Rep. Beverly Hills, California
Vivian McGraw 33 Attorney Boston, Massacusetts

Head of House

The Head of House is responsible for doing the shopping list and deciding who does what in the shopping task. The Head of House is immune from being nominated for the week they hold the title, but they can still nominate others. The Head of House does not participate in any of the weekly shopping tasks, but supervises instead.[1] Once a housemate has been Head of House they could not stand a second time,[2] but could compete to stay in heaven.[3][4] After the divide was removed, only eligible housemates competed to become Head of House, except for Week 12 when all housemates were eligible.[5][5][6] On Day 88 all previous Heads of House joined Mohamed Mohamed in becoming Head of House for one day, putting an end to the role of Head of House.

  • In week 6, on Day 38, housemates elected their Head of House. Dale, Luke Marsden and Darnell Swallow stood for election. Darnell won and was crowned first Head of House.[7]
  • In week 7, on Day 45, three housemates were chosen to compete for Head of House in a competition. They had to hang from a tyre for as long as possible, with the one staying for the longest time winning the title. Dale won and was crowned second head of House.[8]
  • In week 8, on Day 52, Big Brother called all housemates individually to the diary room, and gave each eight chili peppers to eat. Each chili pepper was assigned a certain number of points. The housemate that scored the most points by eating the peppers would win the title of Head of House. Stuart Pilkington won and was crowned the third Head of House.[3][4]
  • In week 9, on Day 59, Big Brother called all housemates individually to the diary room, to take part in the challenge of saying the alphabet backwards. The eligible housemate that did it in the fastest time would become Head of House, Rachel was second fastest after Darnell and became the fourth Head of House.[9]
  • In week 10, on Day 66, housemates from Hell and housemates from Heaven had to make cakes resembling famous London landmarks, with Hell recreating the Millennium dome and Heaven recreating Saint Paul's Cathedral. Head of House Rachel had to choose which cake was best and picked Hell's. As a result housemates from Hell had to decide which one of them would become the next head of house, they chose Michael to become the fifth Head of House.[10]
  • In week 11, on Day 73, housemates eligible to become Head of House (Kathreya Kasisopa, Lisa Appleton, Mohamed, Nicole Cammack, Rex Newmark and Sara Folino) had to paint themselves with the paint and sponges provided to look like statues. They had to stay still as a statue until one of them was left and they would become the new Head of House. Rex won and became the sixth Head of House.[11]
  • In week 12, on Day 82, housemates voted for who they wanted to be the next HoH, instead of nominating for eviction. Mohamed received 4 votes and as HoH was immune from eviction that week. Unlike previous weeks all housemates were eligible for HoH.
  • On Day 88 the role of Head of House finished.
Colour key
     Won the title of Head of House
     Eligible to become Head of House
     Not in the house at the time
     Was not eligible to become Head of House, having previously been Head of House.
Housemate Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Voted for Votes Side Side Points Side Time Side Side Place Voted for Votes
Alex Darnell - Heaven Hell 0 Hell 1:05 Heaven Hell - Kathreya, Mohamed 2
Jax Darnell - Hell Hell 30 Heaven 15:23 Hell Heaven - Lisa, Rachel 1
Savannah Darnell - Hell Hell 24 Hell 4:43 Heaven Hell 6th Lisa, Mohamed 1
Billy Darnell - Heaven Heaven 26 Heaven 2:24 Heaven Hell 1st Darnell, Kathreya 1
Jerry Dale 9 Heaven Hell* 10 Hell 0:51 Heaven Hell - Mohamed, Kathreya 2
Vicky Darnell - Heaven Hell* 20 Hell 8:05 Hell Heaven 5th Rachel, Mohamed 3
Connor Darnell - Heaven Hell* 28 Heaven  ? Heaven Hell 2nd Darnell, Rex 4
Shonelle Darnell - Hell Hell 9 Hell  ? Heaven Hell 4th Sara, Michael 2
Lucy 10:13 Hell Heaven 3rd
Jenna Dale - Hell Heaven 34 Heaven** 4:52 Heaven Hell
Ray Dale 3 Heaven Heaven 5 Hell  ? Heaven
Jace Darnell 2 Hell Heaven 0 Hell
Jillian Darnell - Heaven Heaven 9 Hell
Dan Luke - Hell Heaven
Vivian Luke - Hell

Nominations table

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Final
Week 13
Nominations received
Alex Adam
to save
Ray, LeAnn Not Eligible LeAnn, Jax LeAnn, Jenna Winner
(Day 93)
Jax Adam
to save
Darren, Shonelle Jenna, Shonelle Not Eligible Jerry, Shonelle Runner-up
(Day 93)
Savannah Not in
Exempt Third place
(Day 93)
Billy Krista, Adam, Shonelle Shonelle, Nicole Nicole, Shonelle Not Eligible Shonelle, Alex Fourth place
(Day 93)
Jerry Shonelle
to save
Adam, Jax Not Eligible Jax, Shonelle Connor, Jax Fifth place
(Day 93)
Vicky Adam
to save
Jax, Olivia Not Eligible Olivia, Billy Connor, Billy Evicted
(Day 90)
Connor Adam
to save
Jenna, Olivia Not Eligible Jenna, Olivia Jenna, LeAnn Evicted
(Day 90)
Shonelle Nominated Billy, Darren Olivia, Billy Not Eligible Billy, Connor Evicted
(Day 86)
Lucy Not in
Exempt Evicted
(Day 79)
Jenna Not in house Billy, Ray Olivia, Jax Not Eligible Alex, Connor Evicted
(Day 72)
Ray Exempt Nicole, Adam Olivia, Nicole Olivia, Jenna Jenna, LeAnn Evicted
(Day 65)
Jace Not in house Darren, LeAnn LeAnn, Nicole Not Eligible LeAnn, Shonelle Evicted
(Day 58)
Jillian Not in
Exempt Walked
(Day 56)
Dan Not in
Exempt Jax, Shonelle Connor, Ray Evicted
(Day 51)
Vivian Not in
Exempt Evicted
(Day 44)
LeAnn Krista
to save
Olivia, Darren Not Eligible Not Eligible Connor, Alex Evicted
(Day 37)
Olivia Exempt LeAnn, Nicole Nicole, Jax Not Eligible Evicted
(Day 30)
Nicole Krista
to save
Olivia, Darren Olivia, Jax Evicted
(Day 23)
Adam Saved Nicole, Vicky Not Eligible Ejected
(Day 23)
Darren Adam
to save
Nicole, Shonelle Ejected
(Day 15)
Krista Nominated Evicted
(Day 9)
none 1 2 3 none 4 none 5 none 6 7
public vote
Krista, Shonelle Darren, Nicole Nicole, Olivia Jax, Olivia Connor, LeAnn Darnell,
Walked none Jillian none
Ejected none Darren Adam none
(% of public vote)
to evict
Eviction Cancelled Nicole
to evict
to evict
to evict
(out of 7)
(out of 7)
(out of 5)
(out of 4)
(out of 3)
(out of 2)
to win
Survived Shonelle

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