Revamped Big Brother
Season 8
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Name Entry Exit
Alex Day 1  Day 93   
Jax Day 1  Day 93   
Savannah Day 30  Day 93   
Billy Day 1  Day 93   
Jerry Day 1  Day 93   
Vicky Day 1  Day 90   
Connor Day 1  Day 90   
Shonelle Day 1  Day 86   
Lucy Day 58  Day 79   
Jenna Day 5  Day 72   
Ray Day 4  Day 65   
Jace Day 5  Day 58   
Jillian Day 30  Day 56   
Dan Day 16  Day 51   
Vivian Day 30  Day 44   
LeAnn Day 1  Day 37   
Olivia Day 4  Day 30   
Nicole Day 1  Day 23   
Adam Day 1  Day 23   
Darren Day 1  Day 15   
Krista Day 1  Day 9   
Revamped Big Brother 9 is the ninth season of the newly modified Big Brother series, Revamped Big Brother.  It was presented by Alyssa Milano.  The launch of this season featured 12 new housemates who entered the house.  On Day 4, two new housemates entered the house.  On Day 5, another two housemates entered the house. On Day 16, after housemate Darren Nelson was ejected from the house, a replacement housemate entered the house.  On Day 30, three more housemaes entered the house.  And finally, on Day 58, one final housemate entered the house, bringing the total for the season to 21.

The season lasted for 93 days, with housemate Alex Rylan winning the title of Big Brother and $500,000, beating out Jax Kane.

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