Matt's Big Brother
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Genre                      Reality Competition
Created by  Piperjr
Winner Travis "Dallas" Miller (4-3)
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Episodes 30
No. of Days 75
No. of HouseGuests 13
Original Run

October 10, 2013 -
December 24, 2013

Preceded by Big Brother 1
Followed by Big Brother 3

Big Brother 2 is the second season of Matt's Big Brother Series.  Applications for this season began on September 10, 2013 and closed on October 9, 2013.  The show premiered on October 10, 2013.

After 75 days of competition, Travis "Dallas" Miller won $500,000 and the title of Big Brother, beating out Savannah Elliott in a jury vote of 4-3.

Geno Coleman was voted America's Favorite Player and won $25,000.


This season's house has a gym theme.  The four bedrooms are the Head of Household bedroom, which is the most luxurious and only private bedroom in the house; the locker room, which has lockers as closet space; the pool room, which looks like your underwater and has pool floaties as sheets; and the Have Not bedroom, which is like a sweaty, uncleaned bathroom.  The living room had an eliptical behind the couches, as well as blue, red and black colors to make it seem like an American gym.  The kitchen also has red, blue, and black colors around it, as well as a water cooler to emphasize the gym setting.  The bathroom had red, blue, and black colored walls and gym towels.  Also, gym-like showers which are very open, however, there is a door that has frosted doors in the private areas.  The middle room, known as the yoga room, where there are yoga mats and floor weights, has gym colored walls and an "E" shaped couch.  The stairs up to the Head of Household bedroom had a non-working treadmill next to it, however, in the backyard, there is a working treadmill as well as a weight bench.  The second floor of the house has a chess board and there are more floor weights attached to the balcony railing.


Big Brother 1#Format 
This season's format was mostly unchanged from the last season.  However, the Karma twist and the America's Veto twist were taken out for this season.  Also, a new twist, the "Survival Safety" twist, was added.  In this twist, whatever HouseGuest survives eviction, would be save from eviction in the next week.  However, if they win Head of Household they are automatically safe anyway.  In addition, the jury was decreased to seven members, which means it starts at the final nine.  The winner will still receive $500,000 and the Runner-Up will receive $50,000.


Name Age Occupation Hometown
Alexis Randall 30 Graphic Designer Kansas City, Missouri
Bill Frederick 33 Mounted Policeman New York, New York
Camryn Powell 22 Hairdresser Coto de Caza, California
Chelsea Nickelson 27 Cocktail Waitress Denver, Colorado
Daniela de la Rosa 28 Cheerleading Coach San Diego, California
Ethan Sheridan 28 Ad Executive Lansing, Michigan
Geno Coleman 31 Party DJ Richmond, Virginia
Jeremy Wheeler 24 Law Student Shelley, Idaho
Kelly Winters 25 Lingerie Football Player Miami, Florida
Marshawn Neilson 26 Wealth Manager Chicago, Illonis
Savannah Elliott 23 Casino Dealer Huntsville, Alabama
Steven Palmer 29 Medical Sales Rep. Columbus, Ohio
Travis "Dallas" Miller 25 Dairy Farmer Dallas, Texas

Weekly Summary

Week 1 Events
  • On Day 1, Dallas became the first Head of Household.
  • On Day 5, Alexis, Ethan, Geno, and Kelly lost the Have/Have Not competition and became the Have Nots for the week.
  • On Day 5, Alexis and Daniela were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 7, Jeremy won the Power of Veto.
  • On Day 9, Jeremy decided not to use the Power of Veto.
  • HoH: "Now That's a Workout"; On Day 1, the HouseGuests competed in the first competition. HouseGuests had to race across a treadmill trying to get to the end of it and grab a rope.  Once they grab the rope, they must swing across it to get to a pit of medicine balls.  If they fell off, they must trudge across a pile of leaves and then climb up a rope ladder.  Once they get into the ball pit, they must search through all of the balls to find a ball with their name on it.  Once they find it they must race back to the start, place the ball in their bin, and press the buzzer.  The last person to finish would be eliminated.  This would continue until their was a winner.  The last person standing would become the first Head of Household.  Dallas won this competition.
  • Have/Have Not: "Batter Up"; The HouseGuests split up into three teams of four, while Dallas sat out as HoH.  Two HouseGuests would be the squeezers and the other two would be the runners.  The runners, one at a time, had to race through the batter to the other side.  Once across, the squeezers would scrub as much batter off of them as possible.  The first two teams to get enough batter into their their waffle to fill each hole would be the Haves for the week.  The losers would be the Have Nots.  Alexis, Ethan, Geno, and Kelly were the Have Nots for the week.
  • PoV: "Take Me Out to the Veto"; The HouseGuests had to race to find letter tiles inside of baseballs.  The HouseGuests had ten minutes to spell a word.  If the word was spelled incorrectly they would be eliminated.  The HouseGuest that spelled the longest, correctly-spelled word in the shortest amount of time would win the Power of Veto.  Jeremy spelled the word "prosecute" and won the Power of Veto.
  • Alexis, Bill, Camryn, Chelsea, Daniela, Dallas, Ethan, Geno, Jeremy, Kelly, Marshawn, Savannah, and Steven entered the House on Day 1.
  • On Day 13, Daniela was evicted by a vote of 10-0.  Because Alexis survived eviction, she became immune from the next eviciton.
Week 2 Events
  • On Day 13, Camryn became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 14, Bill, Kelly, Marshawn, and Steven lost the Have/Have Not competition and became the Have Nots for the week.
  • On Day 14, Geno and Steven were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 16, Geno won the Power of Veto.
  • On Day 17, Geno used the Power of Veto on himself and Camryn nominated Kelly in his place.
  • HoH: "Majority Rules"; The HouseGuests were asked a series of questions about which of two HouseGuests would adhere to certain situations. The object was not to base the answer on personal opinions, but how they thought the majority would answer. The minority of the voters were eliminated each round; if there was a tie, none of the HouseGuests would be eliminated. The last HouseGuests standing would become the new Head of Household.  Camryn won this competition.
  • Have/Have Not: "Scary Dairy"; The HouseGuests threw buckets of sour milk to their teammates in an attempt to fill up a milk jug in the fastest time; the first two teams to complete the challenge would earn food for the week, while the losing team were the Have-Nots.  Bill, Kelly, Marshawn, and Steven lost the Have/Have Not competition and became the Have Nots for the week.
  • PoV: "Keeping Up with the Jones"; The HouseGuests were required to jump on a trampoline to see an "art gallery" on the other side of a wall. They were then required to re-create the gallery on their own side of the wall. The HouseGuest who finished in the fastest time would win the Power of Veto. Geno won this competition.
  • On Day 20, Steven was evicted by a vote of 7-2.  Because Kelly survived eviction, she became immune from the next eviction.

Voting History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Eviction
Day 49 Day 55 Day 75 Finale
Head of
Dallas Camryn Jeremy Geno Alexis Geno Chelsea Dallas Savannah Dallas Dallas (none)
Alexis Daniela Geno Steven Alexis Marshawn Dallas Savannah Camryn Chelsea Dallas Savannah Alexis Geno Alexis Geno Alexis
Bill Savannah Chelsea Savannah
Veto Winner Jeremy Geno Geno Savannah Bill Dallas Geno Dallas Bill Dallas (none)
Alexis Daniela Kelly Steven Alexis Marshawn Dallas Jeremy Camryn Chelsea Kelly Savannah Alexis Ethan Alexis Geno Alexis Dallas Bill Savannah
Dallas Head of Household Steven Marshawn Nominated Camryn Savannah Ethan Head of Household Nominated Head of Household Chelsea Winner
Savannah Daniela Steven Marshawn Dallas Camryn Nominated Ethan Geno Alexis Nominated Nominated RunnerUp
Chelsea Daniela Steven Marshawn Jeremy Nominated Kelly Head of Household Geno Alexis Bill Evicted
(Day 75)
Savannah 1
Bill Daniela Steven Marshawn Jeremy Camryn Kelly Ethan Alexis Dallas Nominated Evicted
(Day 69)
Dallas 1
Alexis Nominated Steven Nominated Jeremy Head of Household Savannah Nominated Nominated Nominated Evicted
(Day 62)
Savannah 3
Geno Daniela Kelly Marshawn Head of Household Camryn Head of Household Ethan Nominated Evicted
(Day 55)
Dallas 2
Ethan Daniela Steven Marshawn Jeremy Camryn Kelly Nominated Evicted
(Day 55)
Dallas 4
Kelly Daniela Nominated Marshawn Jeremy Camryn Nominated Evicted
(Day 48)
Dallas 5
Camryn Daniela Head of Household Marshawn Jeremy Nominated Evicted
(Day 41)
Savannah 6
Jeremy Daniela Steven Head of Household Nominated Evicted
(Day 34)
Marshawn Daniela Kelly Nominated Evicted
(Day 27)
Steven Daniela Nominated Evicted
(Day 20)
Daniela Nominated Evicted
(Day 13)
Notes none 1 1, 2 1 1 1, 3 1, 4 5, 6 none 7
Have Nots Alexis, Ethan, Geno, Kelly Bill,
Kelly, Marshawn, Steven
none Chelsea, Ethan, Savannah Alexis, Camryn, Dallas, Ethan Bill, Chelsea, Ethan Alexis,
Evicted Daniela
10 of 10 votes to evict
7 of 9 votes to evict
8 of 8 votes to evict
6 of 7 votes to evict
6 of 6 votes to evict
3 of 5 votes to evict
4 of 4 votes to evict
2 of 3 votes to evict
2 of 3 votes to evict
Chelsea's Choice to evict
Dallas' Choice to evict
3 of 7 votes
to win
4 of 7 votes
to win


^Note 1 :      The HouseGuest was nominated in the week before and survived eviction, therefore, becoming immune from this week's eviction.
^Note 2 : Instead of a Have/Have Not competition, the HouseGuests competed in a luxury competition, therefore there were no Have Nots in Week 3.
^Note 3 : Bill, Chelsea, and Ethan picked the baseballs with Have Not tickets in them and became the Have Nots for the week.
^Note 4 : Week 7 was a double eviction week. Following Ethan's eviction, the remaining HouseGuests played a week's worth of game — including HoH and Veto competitions, and Nomination, Veto, and Eviction ceremonies — during the remainder of the weekly live show, culminating in a second eviction for the week. Also, the "Survival Safety" twist was discontinued for the second half of this week onwards.
^Note 5 : Haves and Have Nots were discontinued after Day 55.
^Note 6 : As Head of Household, Savannah was forced to break the tie on Day 62.
^Note 7 : During the finale, the jury members vote for which finalist should win Big Brother.